Remote and Wall Control Not Working for Ceiling Fans

When your ceiling fan does not respond to the remote or wall control, there are various possible problems. Understanding these common reasons can help you identify the problem and take the necessary steps. The following are some of the most common causes of remote-control malfunction. 

For Remotes FRM87 and FRM97:

Weak or drained battery: The most common cause of a non-responsive remote control is a low or exhausted battery. Over time, the battery may lose charge, resulting in restricted or no signal transmission to the fan. Checking and changing the battery is the first step in troubleshooting the problem. Once you change the batteries check if the LED is flashing or not.

Interference: Other electronic equipment in close vicinity can interfere with the remote control's signal transfer to the fan. Devices such as cordless phones, wireless routers, and even fluorescent lamps can emit electromagnetic waves that interfere with the remote-control signal.


Signal distance and angle: Ceiling fans have a specified range over which the remote control can successfully transfer signals. If you are too far away from the fan or the angle between the remote control and the receiver unit is not correct, the signal may not reach the fan. This can lead to the fan not responding.

Receiver unit issues: The receiver unit of the fan is responsible for receiving and interpreting signals from the remote control. If there is an issue with the receiver unit, such as loose or disconnected cables, the fan may not respond to the remote control.

Remote control and receiver unit pairing: In some situations, the remote control and receiver unit may lose their pairing, particularly following a power loss or battery replacement. When the pairing is lost, the remote control is unable to connect with the receiver unit, resulting in an unresponsive fan.

For Wall Control FRMDC99:

Switch ON/OFF: Turn off the isolation switch for 1 minute and repeat the pairing.


Battery: Check that the battery is not flat.

Understanding these typical causes allows you to successfully diagnose the problem and select the best action for resolving your ceiling fan not responding to the remote control and wall control. 

For further assistance contact customer care.

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